Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Letter From Chris Moltz (Free Chris Moltz)

Hello everyone. My name is Christopher James Moltz. In 1998 I was tried and convicted of a murder I did not commit, anyone that wants to know more? Can contact independence Rock Coalition. The court said I discussed a robbery, even if I did that, should I really have to spend the rest of my life in prison? Should I DIE in here? I have been gone from the world since 1998! My son will be 19 in October, and I’ve missed his whole life!! 
I saw on the news people getting convicted of murder and getting 15 or 20 years!!! And they actually did kill someone? I did absolutely nothing and I was sentenced to LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE.  In other words I'm going to die in here if somebody does not help me!!!!! 
Lela, and Independence Rock Coalition is doing all she can, but she's going to need serious help??? So I am asking that anyone reading this please help if you can.

My name is Christopher James Moltz # 1159242 I’m at N.C.C. P.O. box 488 Burkeville, Va. 23922 You can email me at Jpay.com Christopher James Moltz #1159242 all emails and questions are welcomed and all will get responses. Thank you so much for your time. For more info on my case Lela Graham at Independence Rock Coalition, knows it all! And she can and will answer all questions. Until next time, talk later. 


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